2022, the year the world changed.

Reports of a highly contagious and lethal virus start to poor out of Brazil. With a 99.99% mortality rate, and its simple route of transmission, the virus spread quicker than any force could contain it. In a desperate attempt to do so, the United States Of America used tactical nuclear weapons for the first time since 1945, with no success.

The virus spread to Asia and Europe where it decimated the population.

Entire countries collapsed in days, there were huge caravans of people fleeing the carnage, being met with lethal force.

Governments fell, civilisation crumbled, law and order disappeared.

All that remains are pockets of survivors, clinging to life, scavaging for supplies, fuel and even water.

These survivors group into gangs, robbing and killing anyone unfortunate enough to stumble into their path. 

You find yourself entering the now long abandoned former evacuation point, deep inside the old Gloucester Prison, seeking shelter from the carnage around you.


Will you find what you are looking for, Salvation?