In the year 2022, the world changed. Reports of a highly contagious and lethal virus start to poor out of Brazil. With a 99.99% mortality rate, and its simple route of transmission, the virus spreads quicker than any force could contain it. In a desperate attempt to do so, the United States Of America uses tactical nuclear weapons for the first time since 1945, with no success. The virus spreads to Asia and Europe where it decimates the population. Entire countries fall in days, there are huge caravans of people fleeing the carnage, being met with lethal force.

You have been selected to travel to Salvation, a flotilla of ships off the coast of England, a last desperate act by the government to save something. To get to Salvation, you must travel quickly to your nearest Regional Evacuation Point.

  • Make you way to your regional evacuation point, the secure former HMP GLOUCESTER
  • RV inside the secure location with a team of special forces soldiers.
  • Pass the health checks and be guided, the control room in the heart of the sprawling prison.
  • Await the helicopter to extract you to the safety of one of the ships.........


Current WHO guidlines as of 01/01/2022:

With large parts of the country affected by this deadly outbreak, WHO advice is to remain in a secure building, block all access to entry points, assemble on upper levels and if possible block all stairways and lift shafts.

Should you come into contact with an infected person, you must act swiftly. Any contact with an infected person's bodily fluids via biting (saliva, blood, urine, fasces or sweat) will result in the infection being passed on to you.

Current changes to law allow anyone to use deadly force on any person showing signs of infection (Personal Protection ACT 2020).  Try to use methods that do not allow the transmitting of bodily fluids, blunt trauma, fire, or containment being advised. There is no known cure or vaccination for this virus. Follow WHO guildlines and await evacuation.

Your regional defence force will secure the area and extract you safely to one of the many camps set up around the country. These camps will provide security, food, water and bedding. From these camps you will be processed and forward movement will be offered to persons qualifying for such movement.

Message ENDS.