halloween scarefest FINAL WEEKEND! 3rd & 4th November

Once again the hugely successful, horribly scary, highly rated Salvation-Z returns Gloucester Prison. 4 acres of Un-dead zombie madness, with some very much still living madness to chase, catch and consume you.

A horror scare park, set in a Georgian Prison, this isn't a warehouse full of junk, it's  genuinely horrible already, 126 Executions, violence and despair peeling paint and the stench of death. Once you enter, you can only go forward towards your Salvation.

 Danger lurks around every corner!

A totally new plot, with film grade zombies a crazy crew and MORE gore. 

Meet the Governor, stop for some well needed food and libation, rest up, you'll need all your strength and wits to get out of this pickle. Try The Smile Sanctum, dare you!

One big horrific experience designed to really mess you up. 

We are going all out this year, Gloucester, prepare to soil your pants.

Check out the plot, the prison and the plaudits on the links above.