COMING TO PORTSMOUTH in 2021 In its original format, Salvation-Z the ultimate real-time immersive zombie survival experience. After two amazing runs at Gloucester Prison, its time to bring it back to base. Deep inside the former Underground Navy HQ Bunker, do you survive or die...........

Halloween 2020 has passed and as much fun as it was, due to Covid restrictions, the experience is nothing like the original concept and we intend to go back to it.

A real time, live action, theatrical show where your decisions can effect the outcome. A plot hole free storyline, with every little detail explained and covered. The why, when and how side of the story is as important as the actual event, thrusting you into an as believable situation as we can make the un-believable! All images are of our actual zombies!!!

Watch this space for news, updates and dates.


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