Your evacuation permit is confirmed

When you arrive at the prison, you will be tested for symptoms and made ready to evacuate. You will only be able to enter the Regional Evacuation Point with the property in your pockets. Any extra items will be removed and left behind. You will be moving around a dark building, wear decent footwear like trainers. It will be cold inside while you await your flight to Salvation. RED TORCH LIGHT ONLY. You can abandon your vehicles in the car park opposite, you will not be needing them until your possible return, although at the moment we do not know when that will be. There is NO PARKING in the REP due to security and pre evacuation checks.

Your permit is paperless, we have your name which will be checked on arrival, you may if you wish print your paypal confirmation or screen shot it. Obviously with the poor comms and no postal service due to the Virus outbreak, getting a fancy little ticket to you is impossible. Do NOT be late, the gate will close 5 mins after your listed departure time. GOOD LUCK!

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