COVID-19 During the current period of outbreak, we are following government guidelines and have closed our activities for the period of lockdown. We are still here, planning events and looking forward to welcoming you to our amazing venue. Any tours, events or activities that you have booked will be honoured as soon as we are able to re-open. Customers who have supported us during this time will be given priority for new dates. We will strive to make these events even better for you. We have a full time staff of 4 and several part time employees who we will be supporting through this tough time. It is times like this everyone needs to stand up and be counted. Please feel free to contact us via the office line 0330 111 8227. Watch this space for live content, we might be able to bring our prison to you! Stay safe, be kind and see you on the other side Andy and the team at Gloucester Prison.

Gloucester's most terrifying scare fest,RETURNS to Gloucester's most haunted building the former HMP Gloucester. Peeling paint, the smell of despair, steel bars and caged windows, Will you survive this immersive experiance?

On your arrival, you will be tested for the virus, if you manage to pass this stage you will be taken to the control room, deep inside the prison, from there you will be transported via helicopter to safety......or will you?

NO, that's not going to happen, you'll be overrun by Zombies and be pulled limb from limb whilst crying for your mummy.

Check out the pages on this website for clues and answers to questions you might have, we don't want to give too much away though, to be informed is to be warned! Check out our reviews on our Facebook page, share with your friends, they probably won't have the minerals for it.

Pitch black, haunted prison with Zombies and the smell of your own urine as it trickles down your leg,what could possibly go wrong!


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