Current update on Virus Status:

Since first coming to our attention a matter of weeks ago, the Virus has spread to over 83% of the country. With all inward and outward travel banned and neighbouring countries patrolling the North Sea and English Channel to prevent illegal movement of people, hopes have been placed in secure camps, effectively strongholds, where the military are protecting citizens who have passed the required tests to be admitted. If you are successful in your application for an evacuation permit you will need to travel directly to your Regional Evacuation Point where you will be granted onward travel to a flotilla of ships awaiting off the coast. Code name Salvation, the Flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth, acting as a landing platform will be your home until the Virus is contained/eradicated. 

Current areas with infection:

signs of infection:


Initial symptons of having contracted the Virus are much like influenza. Temperature rises, hot sweats, aching muscles, sniffing, coughing (often with blood) and delirium. If a person in your group develops these symptons, contain them SECURELY and advice officals immediately. 


HAEMORRHAGING is the uncontrollable flow of blood from wounds and offrices. All bodily fluids should be avoided, prevent the flow of these fluids fromn the area of containment, use towels inside of the room to stop any fluids leaking into area you are in. Eyes change colour to red with dilated pupils.

extreme violence

Once the Virus has full control of the its host, the person you possible knew and loved will no longer recognise you or be able to communicate with you. You can not reason with this person, their mind is lost and the virus effectly controls its host. Extreme rage and violence takes hold of the person and it would seem the sole purpose is to attack any person not showing signs of infection. Attacks are brutal, mindless and usually fatal. Any person showing these symptoms can be dealt with accordingly via the Personal Protection ACT 2019

What to do if you come into contact with an infected person

Current WHO guidlines as of 31/01/2020:

With large parts of the country effected by this deadly outbreak, WHO advice is to remain in a secure building, block all access to entry points, assemble on upper levels and if possible block all stair ways and lift shafts.

Should you come into contact with an infected person, you must act swiftly, any contact with an infected persons bodily fluids (saliva, blood, urine, fasces or sweat) will result in the infection being passed to you.

Current changes to law allow anyone to use deadly force on any person showing signs of infection (Personal Protection ACT 2019). Simply stopping the infected persons ability to walk will give you a chance to remove yourself to safety. Try to use methods that do not allow the transmitting of bodily fluids. blunt trauma, fire, or containment being advised. There is no known cure or vacination for this virus. Follow WHO guildlines and await evacuation.

Your regional defence force will secure the area and extract you safely to one of the many safe camps set up around the county. These camps will provide security, food and water and bedding. From these camps you will be processed and forward movement will be offered to persons qualifying for such movement.

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